Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm not going to pretend I know shit about it, but

some of the loveliest people I've met in years, do.

Too much, I'd bet.

Some other people would do well to listen to them.

ME/CFS Awareness


But Why? said...

Thanks for pointing me to those posts, even if Signs' did reduce me to rather sentimental memory-lane-induced near-gibbering.

I fully agree with your observation that the suffering of people you really dig leaves you feeling so helpless. It's an odd thing, is giving a damn about other people.



Reading the Signs said...

Thank you, Anna, for listening, receiving, acknowledging. It means much to me and, I know, to others.

But Why, you have a way with words, and you are right it is an odd thing. And gets odder the more I think about it. And those other things you said too.

Anna MR said...

But Mutta, you are most heartily welcome although I daresay you'd probably have found your way there anyway.

And, like Signs, I fully agree about the odd thing thing, and the other things you said too.

Signs? No. Thank you, for various things, including your eloquent poignancy and your spirit.


Thanks, Anna, that was good of you. One thing: I don't really know anything about this, either - not like NMJ and Signs do (unfortunately for them). I just happen to know (and live with) someone who has it. I'm merely an onlooker, then, baffled and a bit despairing.

Anna MR said...

This is understood, of course, esteemed and sweet Englishman (hello, welcome, thank you). Nevertheless, your knowledge by proxy, over years, allows you to speak an onlooker's truth, and you do so with eloquence, allowing a glimpse to the pain and despair of watching someone close to you not only suffer but also be - continuously - treated with less respect, less listened-to, than they ought be.

Watching those one digs suffer is a suffering too - this of course said without trying to lay claim to pain over those who know the suffering in themselves.