Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's not going to help at all, but wear red tomorrow as a show of support for the Burmese monks

I think it's not just about the rising price of fuel.


That's so pants said...

Hei Anna

What a GREAT idea. I'm doing it.



Anonymous said...

Hei Anna,

I will do it too.

Its dress down day at work and I have a lovely red sweat I can wear!

Nos da

lavenderblue said...

I have red knickers on.Will that do, do you think ?

Anna MR said...

Hello hello hello, Ladies in Red. I thought it was an idea - I can't quite find the defining adjective here, sweet doesn't sound right at all, given the context, and brilliant or similar sounds overly-gushing and merry and deluded-into-thinking-wearing-something-will help. It won't (except, of course, in the case of Ms Lavenderblue's knickers, over which I am certain the Burmese military junta are quaking in their oppressor's boots). (Ms Pants, what did you wear? I bet you could make a few fascists tremble, too. And anonymous, my shy and nameless ffrind, the baddies will run when they see your red sweat(er?). We should get together and sort it all out, once and for all, really.) Yes, it was an idea, and not mine, of course - various human rights groups (I think linked with Burmese buddhist groups over here) all over Scandinavia were urging people to do this. I was only the messenger, I hasten to add. I mustn't take credit for it.

No, but really. I felt a bit of a fraud, as the only red thing I could find to wear - for circumstancial reasons way beyond the control of a mere mortal such as myself - was a red and red stripey Marimekko t-shirt. Red, yes, but a bit useless as a piece of demonstrative action in the latitudes I inhabit (it's getting fucking cold, I think is the technical term, and there is no way I am going out in just a t-shirt, Burmese monks or no) (I tried to walk around with my (green, lined-with-furry-carpet-round-the-collar-and-sleeves, suede) coat open, though). Incidentally, later in the evening, I went to a concert at the Finlandia House, and there was definitely a higher-than-statistical-expectation of people in red there. I was rather hoping that the orchestra, or indeed the conductor or the pianist, would have turned up in red tails (some of the ladies wore red tops, thinking about it).

I daren't really go and read the news because I have a really horridly bad feeling that really bad things are happening over there as I write this load of old monkeybollocks here. The world is a bad place and make no mistake, my friends. But then you knew that already.

xxx one each, dear ladies (somehow, anonymous, I have you down as female - if this is not the case, blame yourself for coming in all nameless and leaving such vast room for interpretation)

Kahless said...

Hei Anna,

I have had to be anonymous and cautious with my identity, but you KNEW who I was; didn't the Welsh give it away.

My Random blog has had to become private for one week (family member could track me down maybe and cant risk it before an important meet.) If you email me I will send you an invite to read it, alternatively, wait a week and my Random blog will become public again.

btw there were very few people wearing red here in the uk; the message didn't get out. But I wore red at least and knew why. Are you reading the burmese bloggers posts?

Anna MR said...

Hei Kahless, of course I sussed it was you. What a horrendous-sounding thing, mind, having to hide your blog in case a family member tracks it down - there's a story or several there, and I don't think they are of the "happy families" variety, somehow.

There weren't all that many people in red here, either - I think the call went out a bit late, I heard of it the previous day. I can't bring myself to reading the Burmese bloggers' stuff - I am a world-class weakling - I get too upset and need to protect my delicate mind. I was following the Iraqi Zappy for a while, but then it just started to get to me too much. It feels really fucking atrocious to be able to say "oh, I can't read it, it upsets me too much" when others have to live it, without a choice. I am aware of this and have pangs of disgusted self-loathing for it. This is going to be very useful in liberating the oppressed of the world, I hope you realise this, Kahless. Every little bit helps in the joint effort...

Merkin said...

Of course it is not about the 'price of fuel', Mr Anna.

It is about the 'control of oil', that is all.

Anna MR said...

Ah, thank you for clarifying the issue, Merkin...