Friday, August 31, 2007

NMJ said to me

NMJ said to me, I feel as if I walked here, and I said, Well, you did, in a way.

We first "met" each other when I was living in the tropics and was a virtual blog virgin. She was a blog I next-blog surfed onto, and realised (to my delight) some people online actually could write. Besides which, she was fun and quirky and clearly someone I wanted to know. I nearly ruined it straightaway, though, as I accidentally hit "next blog" and lost her. It took me forever to remember her blog title "Velo-Gubbed Legs".

I am really glad I remembered it in the end. Knowing her has brought an untold amount of good stuff to my life.


Reading the Signs said...

Well, as I was just "saying" to her over at her place - have a lovely time. The signs are all auspicious! (despite the horrible tram person)

trousers said...

I should really post this on the next post, but while I'm here: where did you get the idea of furnishing your flat to make it like an internet cafe?

word ver: uoguz (a siberian oil company?)

But Why? said...


How lovely! Visitors and exchange/guest blog posting. Awwwww. I feel a sense of warmth and mushiness for the wonders of the blogosphere.

and trousers, I think more people should adopt that idea. Or maybe take it one stage further and furnish your home similar to your office so that regardless of how far one commutes, it still feels like working from home??? Just a thought. I suspect my career as an interior designer will be short-lived.

Anna MR said...

Signs - this was said elsewhere by someone else, but we could really do with you being here too, so that we could have a fully-blown Act I Scene 1 Scottish Play Saturday Night Out. Try and focus very intently on drinking wine tonight, from about 7PM EEST onwards. We will try to pick up your intoxicated vibes. It is the next best thing. (Maybe Grimalkin will join us too, in spirit.)

housut, it is absolutely the done thing here in Finland to have a row of computers in your front room. Come now come now, everybody does it. Don't they do it in the UK? Strange. How do you ever keep up with your various bloggy duties, I wonder. (My blog has recently been sponsored by The Uoguzhian Oil Company. Well done for spotting that.)

Dr Mutta, warm mushiness is the new black in the blogosphere. It comes with my recommendation...but I'll have to reserve judgment on your interior deco plans until I've thought it over a bit.