Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I would like to thank the Academy, Dr Why, my mum, and five others

The eminent blog doctor, Dr But Why?, has presented me with a Thoughtful Blogger award. Being an awardee not only means I can have this label on my blog margin mantelpiece, but I also get to salute five other bloggers. Ok. Ahem. Here goes, unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...

The Courageous Blogger award goes to someone dearly beloved by me, my dear Ponipoika McPoni, aka The Periodic Englishman, for the obvious reason that he is very brave, strong, and courageous. He is also many other things, but I particularly want to recognise this aspect - easily overlooked because he is so many things, including riotously funny - of him and his blog in my award-giving.

I am also giving out four Creative Blogger awards, in no particular order, namely to

NMJ of Velo-Gubbed Legs. NMJ's was the first beautifully written blog I came across. Hers is a special house of flowing words and thoughts, of sharpness of mind and goodness of heart.

Ms That's So Pants, of the site that bears her name. She is anarchic, she is thoughtful, she is funny as all hell.

trousers, a young man with a good stonewash look and a voice of his own, pleasing on the ear and with something to say. housut, I salute you. (I realise you have recently said you are not doing another tag. housut, this isn't a tag.)

Reading the Signs, an outstanding writer of very real merit, and my fellow offender in many a blogland crime. Signs has recently also received the blogland Nobel, the Inspirational Blogger award, but I'm not going to let that hinder my awarding her. I'm just not, because that's the way it stands.

So, you lot, your contributions to blogland are seriously appreciated by yours truly. Toddle off now to Writer's Reviews to pick up your badges. If you find out how to get blogger to accept uploading them, let me know too. I am finding it fiendishly difficult and hence cannot display mine, much as I'd like to.

(The description of a thoughtful blogger is actually really sweet, sounding like a nice person to hang around with, and in my present state (I have been a bit oddy lately, as you, Dear Reader, may or may not have noticed) this hit me where it hurts, so I'm trying to hide behind some serious corny. The blabbing I do around this post does not mean I'm less than serious about taking off my hat for the people I have awarded, though. Because my hat is firmly off and I'm applauding wildly.)

PS Ha-ha! I have done it, with cunning. Firefox was the key, I am sad (as a Safari devout) to say... now quickly quickly, I need to get it up in the sidebar as well...


That's so pants said...

Hi Anna

Thanks so much. I am in wonderful company here.



Reading the Signs said...

Anna, this is not just laziness on my part, but I echo what Ms fab Pants has just said. And I'm not going to thank my Mum, just you. The Booker Blog award, did you say? And me with no speech prepared.


Anna MR said...

Sweet Pants - no, thank you. You are in wonderful company, yes, but you are wonderful company yourself, too.


trousers said...

Anna my dear, you are a real sweetie and no mistake. Thank you ever so much, that's made my day!

(By the way you click on the relevant award on that site, then when it comes up in the top left corner you right-click and "save as", then you can upload it onto your site)

Bless you! xx

Anna MR said...

Blimey, Signs, you snuck in at the very moment I hit send for charming Ms Pants. I shouldn't of course be surprised by the synchronicity anymore, but it never fails to give me that certain cool frazzlementy feeling. It's gooood.

Yes, Booker Blog, you heard right. Will be awaiting for the speech, you have till whenever to prepare one. I know it will be worth the wait.

Mwah-mwah right back to you, Princelet partner in crime.


Anna MR said...

housut, I mean every word I said about your fine house of housut. Keep on keeping on, young man. It's a joy to read you.

(Thank you for attempting to tech support me - I have tried what you suggest (although on maccies, the buttons are in slightly different places) - and it comes up with an infuriating message about the award being of an unrecognised file type, only JPEG and GIF allowed (in my tech-eejitty eyes, the award is a jpg, but it doesn't seem to help). Once in a fucking lifetime someone calls me thoughtful, and I can't go to town with the badge. It's just typical...)


trousers said...

Hmmm it would be helpful if my mac was connected online, but I don't have the tech knowledge/patience to do that at home (maybe I'll get one of those wireless router things eventually).

The award is definitely a jpeg, so I'm puzzled as to what's going awry. I hope you can get it sorted out, as you do so deserve having your award posted up loud and proud!

oh and finally, another good word ver: rupyfreb

Kahless said...

My dear Anna,
We cant have you not being able to display your well earned award; that would be a travesty.

I do have Adobe Photoshop, so if you would like me to save the piccie award in a variety of formats for you to try (there are a couple of different jpeg formats for example) then you need to email me so that I can send them to you.

btw, congratulations you Thoughtful Blogger you!

Anna MR said...

Why thank you, young housut, you are a bit too praising now, I shall get big-headed if you carry on in that vein.

I am going to go and try doing it in Firefox - although all the blogs look wrong and mine, downright ugly in it, I find many layout diddles work better there than in my beloved Safari. If that doesn't work, I shall just have to despair and keep mentioning the award I received, every now and then, in the posts to come.

And yes, that is a fine word ver, once again. For Finnish speakers, it has a pleasantly yucky feel to it - rupi being Finnish for a scab (in the medical, rather than the strike-breaking sense).


Anna MR said...

Oh hei Kahless, you snuck in there while I was replying to trousers of housut...but now stop it with the praise already, girl, it is painful to receive...

Thank you for your offer of adobeatting the thing for me. I shall certainly take you up on it, if Firefox lets me down. Very, very decent of you, Kahless, diolch yn fawr iawn.


But Why? said...


My goodness - hitting you where it hurts?? I am most terribly sorry - that's a very thoughtless blogger thing for me to have done. I shall immediately return to the School of Thoughtful Blogging for censure and refresher lessons.


Anna MR said...

Yes, Dr Why, I hereby present you the Thoughtless Blogger Award, which you richly deserve for praising me as you have done, and allowing further praise to sort of slip my way via the definition of the thing over at Writer's Review. What were you thinking about?! And you, a PhD (alright, a lapsed one)? I mean seriously, seriously. Where's the use of having spent all those decades giving up drinking, sex, summer picnics, fun, life, music, art, literature, friends, family, countrymen, Romans, cats, dogs, cinema, and other things, in favour of relentlessly studying for the viva (viva? It looks wrong. That thing. Your thesis defence thingy, that's what it is here anyway, and that's good enough for anyone, k Butkins, you lapsed scientist without a thought to your name?), I ask you? And you see, now that I have further slagged you off here, nobody will realise that I am actually secretly as pleased as a pleased thing for the (totally undeserved) recognition you are heaping in my general direction, and that I feel a profuse need to thank you lots and weepily.

So there, But, that's you pretty much sorted then, you thoughtless blogger you. Back to the school of courteous blogging with you, Dr of Little Thought.


But Why? said...

sniff. Then I shall return to the School of Hard Bloggery after first thanking you for your kind and thoughtful patience in humouring me. And now I'm just going outside and may be some time.

Dr Why? turns and begins the long, slow journey to Thoughtful Blogging Rehab

NMJ said...

hey honey, i did try and post the award on my side bar but it was cut off & didn't look as lovely as it should - i think it's the template i use. but thank you for your lovely vote.

word ver: mtkektbe


Anna MR said...

Tri Miksi? - you just keep on sniffling and shuffling. No sympathy for you here today, you award-awarding thoughtlesser doctor, you. (Have a lovely weekend, though.)

NMJ - when I finally got mine to work (in Firefox, as I said), there was an option to have the thing reduced to fit the margin. I know your site is styled quite zen and stylish, without the multitude of patchy thingies mine has, but you should try to put it up even in a post, if nothing else. You're fab, you know.

xx one each, ladies, with added sunshine. Must go out...


Thank you, most adorable and desirable Finlander. I need to be modest and clean here for once, so I'll restrict myself to saying that I fully deserve this recognition - I just do, okay? - and that I should really quite like to jump you as a kind of pay back compliment. To show you my gratitude and everything, you know? Don't worry, I'll be perfectly rough with you.

I'm not sure that this is the kind of thing people say at award ceremonies, however, so perhaps I should point out that I enjoy the company you have me keeping - fine bloggy people, all of them - and that I happen to think you're a highly courageous blogger yourself. Increasingly so, in fact.

Air kisses and happily dark lusts,


Anna MR said...

Hei and thank you, most adorable and desirable fellow-Finlander-with-Scottish-twist. But hang on a minute and odota - how did that happen? I landed up getting praised again. Stop it already. That was not the intention of this exercise, beloved Horseman - the intention was to praise you and the other four of the Famous Five. So shush now and just accept the praise like a good hoofed fellow. You do look awfully cute when you blush.

It has been simply gorgeous to find you visiting my house once again, my dearest Horse of Cork. Minun igluni on sinun iglusi, as you know, and not only because of your recent warm welcome to me as a haggard house guest (I wasn't all that courageous then, was I now?). (And don't think I haven't noted with a feminine quiver your plans involving darkly-lusting roughly-jumpings (oh, be still, my beating heart), because I have. We can discuss this after hours, at your place or mine. Just saying, McPoni, just saying.)

Halauksin ja suudelmin,

Jääneitosi x

NMJ said...

hey honey, i am increasingly frustrated as i cannot get that damned jpg to fit in my sidebar, i have tried five times in firefox - where are the instructions for shrinking to fit?

word ver: afbnbk - frustration felt at being unable to shrink jpg creative blogger icon.

NMJ said...

ach, i finally worked it out, you deselect 'shrink to fit', & here was me doing finnicky things in adobe photo to resize . . .x

Anna MR said...

Hei lovely creative blogger - you are a bit too clever, aren't you - I wouldn't know my elbow from my other place with your adobe photos. Am very glad, however, if this means you've got the thing sorted and up. You richly deserve it, girl.

(Funny how these awards seem to be causing a lot of people a lot of aggro, though, before the full glory can be displayed...)


zola a social thing said...

It is not what you do
It is the way that you do it
And here is the word of the Lord....

Anna MR said...

This is high praise indeed, Zola...