Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dr But Why's beautiful WET SPOT MACHINE

Seeing is believing. Ok.

Chop chop everyone, go and see *it* - The Beautiful Dr But Why's Incredible WET SPOT MACHINE. You don't know you've lived till you've seen it.

And although she must get all the credit, don't forget you heard it here first.

Word, as they say.


But Why? said...


Thanks - I think I'm going a bit shy... So much attention focused on my first tentative steps towards becoming a fully-fledged trainspotter. It's a shame it's so long to Christmas, all I need now is an anorak and a notebook and the transformation would be complete. What a terrifying thought(!)

But x

Anna MR said...

But, my friend, dearest Dr Why - I think a true trainspotter will wear her anorak come rain or shine, December and July. And I'm sure that as a scientist you have notation methods galore already.

(If it's any consolation, I don't think bunnies rank much higher in the street cred count than trainspotters.)


PetLambOfGreenGables said...

Mr Anna, what is Merkin in Finnish?
Just curious.

trousers said...

Oh, very nice indeed anna my dear! I think every blog should have a wet spot machine, whatever it actually does :)

Anna MR said...

petlambofgreengables - I must regretfully tell you the Finns are not a merkin-wearing nation, therefore the garment does not have a Finnish-language name. However, you can tell Merkin from me the closest equivalent would, in my view, be pefletti - a small, towel-like piece of material used under one's bottom whilst sitting in the sauna. If he is interested in being known by this fine name, I can ask around at the Bureau for Finnish Titles for Non-Finnish Bloggers.

housut - hei, basking as I am in the borrowed glory of the wet spot machine here, I am highly pleased to find you appreciate it, too. There are levels of corniness present in the real world that I at least find impossible to invent. (Funnily enough, I was (still am, actually) over at yours as we speak.)

Merkin said...

Thank you, Mr Anna.
I understand the problem.
Recently, I had to explain to a Polish friend what I was named after.
In Polish it appears to translate as 'wigette' or 'little wig' even.
Funnily enough, never seen one in the flesh (as you might say).

R.H. said...

From RH -author of Australia's greatest poem: Season(ing)s of Love.

Hello darlings, well it's wet here, and it's cold, but never too cold to say: Hello darlings. Mind you, I should be furious; my career as a poet is stalled -about as active as a deloused pimp. But am I daunted? Never!- I will persist, go on!- until this stupid country hands over my reward: a mansion full of dancing girls. And that's it -all I want, or why would I bother? Meanwhile I live beside a railway line; at night they flash by, heads full of regret, mortgage, marital discord, and more, a kaleidoscope of gloom, that's right, whilst here I am innocent, hidden, in the RH Temple of Extreme Thought. Well it's nice, a pretty show, Chekov on wheels, you bet. And passion, desire: RH! (who wants money?) curtain up, curtain down, back tomorrow. That's all.

(on topic)

Reading the Signs said...

I have tagged you, my dear - hope you don't mind.

Your word ver seems to think it's worth a ikzrghf anyway.

Anna MR said...

Merkin - these things are all culture-related, aren't they? I have to admit I was quite innocent about the meaning of your name (or indeed, even the mere existence of such things) until you did that post with that link. Live and learn, eh.

RH - rest assured, there is no requirement to keep on topic here. Thank you for posting original poetry.

Signs - grrr. I agrrrrreee with my word ver, for once. (Nah, love you really, as you know. x)

R.H. said...

I have never posted a poem on this blog.
I have too much respect for you.


Anna MR said...

RH - I stand corrected. I thought your previous comment had the rhythm of a poetry slam.

Thank you for the respect. Respect is good.


R.H. said...

Yes well it just shows you what can pass for poetry nowadays.

Anna MR said...

RH - you have put me in a position where I really cannot say anything, haven't you. Check mate for you it is, Robert...