Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is for you

One or two of my dear people have been suffering terribly from the recent weather conditions to mistreat the British Isles. In an attempt to offer them some comfort, I am now sending them the Finnish sun, with an added feature of the auringonsilta, the sun's bridge - that's what we call the reflection of the sun on the water.
There you go. Hope it helps.


lavenderblue said...

Well, I'd rather be there than sitting here looking at it on my 'puter
but thanks anyway !xx

lavenderblue said...

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky.

Reading the Signs said...

I covet your language. I want to have those words for things - like all the phases of the moon, and the sun's bridge.

Yes, it's a bit bloody miserable here. I don't mind it being cool, don't like great heat, but would like a bit of clear sky. The grey is rather bearing down on one here, not to mention the rain that has caused such devastation up north.

Anna MR said...

LavenderB, Signs - can you be good girls and not squabble over the sun? There's plenty in it to go round for both of you. It does shine almost throughout the day, this time of the year, even as far south as this picture was taken.

If you feel one is not enough, I may have to go and get you one from Lapland, which will be a 24-hour specimen. This would be rather a lot of aggro for me, though, so I'm hopeful you won't get difficult.

(Signs - I will let you borrow our words and proverbs. Some of them translate rather delightfully, and you can also shine with the original obscure-language versions, if you like. Special offer, only for you, because you are my friend, ok?)

xx one each

lavenderblue said...

I do not squabble.
And...I am a Moon person.
Have fun, y'all x

Anna MR said...

But Lavendermoon, I never meant to imply you (or indeed, the lovely Signs) are given to squabbling. Just blabbing, ok girl? (Although shh - you really have to watch it with Signs, she can be so dreadfully petty-argumentative when she gets going...)

As a peace offering, I have posted you my best (well, the only semi-decent) moon photo I have: