Saturday, May 05, 2007

(Tagged with) Thinking

The naughty-but-nice Reading the Signs has tagged me with a Thinking Blogger award. She reckons she likes my blog (I love you, Signs), and that I am "interesting" (marry me, Signs) and "take lovely photographs" (you're talking about someone else, girl).

I am dying to mention this, because it has pleased me greatly. The only trouble is I should tag 5 people back. 5! (Mental note to self & Signs - I will have to kill you, nice as you are.) Does it always have to be so bloody many? I only read about five sites, honestly, and Signs is one of them. In the recent past, I have tagged absolutely everyone I have ever read, in some cases twice, and people have told me straight up they will never, ever answer one of my tags ever again. Or possibly, any tags. But I can't display the badge, (probably because it seems to be beyond my technical capabilities - it won't show on Preview at all, but also) unless I tag five others.

(For godssakes, Signs. I am supposed to be organising a temporary eviction from my house this weekend, as well as attending the pre-dress-rehearsal dress rehearsals of The Maids, not diddling about online like this. But here goes...)

1. Happeningfish is my respected friend and a dedicated theatrical. As a bit of a weekend actress myself, I am full of awe for her commitment and talent.

2. Restless is one of the first blogs I started to follow, in its previous incarnation "My Failure". This is the online living room wall against which the New York artist Kurt Strahm leans his discarded canvases.

3. BibliOdyssey was also an early find, and it remains mind-blowing. If you have tendencies to lose yourself into the internet, you may well be able to do so for a whole lifetime just on this site.

4. PostSecret. I may be bending the rules here slightly, as I cannot tell PostSecret I have tagged them - you have to contact them via a home-made postcard or an email. I don't know whether I can be bothered to write them an email, Signs, and a postcard is right out, it is way too real-time. This is what it's about: "You are invited to anonymously contribute your secrets to PostSecret. Each secret can be a hope, regret, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything - as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before."

5. To Say Nothing About the Dog - I have tagged The Disorganizer before, but as he hasn't replied to it, I'll have my revenge and tag him again. That'll teach him. He is totally off-the-wall and odd in real life too.

There. Now I need to get to work packing my books away. I'll maybe explain later, and maybe not.

(PS and yes, no badge. I can't get it to show. That'll teach me.)

(PPS The incredible Ms Signs has also provided, with kind assistance from her His Outdoors, instructions for dummies as to how a badge is displayed. Hence, you can see it above this post. Yay!)


kurt said...

Thank you Anna, I think.

I'm afraid I have no one to tag -- other than you, of course.

As for the badges, I can't help but think of that "stinking" line from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

Hope your "temporary eviction" is not too painful...

Reading the Signs said...

I know, I know, dear Future of your (or is it my?) Past, the whole thing is ridiculous, but spring is most definitely in the air when even Ms Pants is threatening to lose her curmudgeonliness. I feel expansive and in the mood to give and receive appreciation. As to your proposal of marriage, seeing as I am already espoused, I would consider a polyamorous situation but recently saw a documentary about this that was most off-putting.

You have to display the badge! I have put up detailed instructions in my reply to you over at mine. I know you are a busy, artistic person with pre-dress rehearsals and eviction (something we should know more about?) but really - this is a priority.

I will be looking in later to check. No pressure, though.

pk said...

Thanks Anna. I don't really go in for the tagging stuff, no disrespect meant at all (I think I've seen a few refs around the place to a number of subjects or top-5 things). I guess I try to keep my head down and find stuff and kind of get out of its way as much as I can. Cheers.

Anna MR said...

Kurt - thinking, I think, was the whole idea. Don't blame me, blame Ms Signs. It is meant to show appreciation. I mean it. The temporary eviction is going to be shit, I'm afraid, there's no two ways about it. I shall write an explanation on the bloggy tomorrow morning, I think. Not exciting - just shit, mind, so don't hold your breath.

Ms Kärkikolmio (is she ever going to ask me the meaning of this word, or does she too have a brilliant online Finnish-English dictionary?), if you wish to reconsider, I will consider concubine status. I shall go and have a look at your instructions in a minute. Regarding the eviction - I shall tell all, in a wee while.

pk - hello - my god, you actually came here. I feel all little and wobbly. I hear what you say about the tagging thing, but your site is amazing and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. Mind-blowing, as I told you.

Reading the Signs said...

Well, doesn't it just mean Signreader or somesuch? Don't tell me that it means something embarassing and rude? I have no dictionary, just my trusting nature.

Good, you got the badge up.

Enjoying visits to the sites you've put up.

Anna MR said...

I would not give you a rude name, Ms Signs. Shame on you for doubting me. Teaching people rude things in obscure tongues is a despicable national sport of those who speak obscure languages, but I do not do it. You are - literally - "Peak Triangle", the spoken-language name of a give way sign (the official name is "Väistämisvelvollisuus risteyksessä" - I thought it was a bit of a mouthful (keyboardful?), but you are most welcome to use it too should you find it entertaining.


Reading the Signs said...

gordon bennett, Ms Mr, the vernacular will do nicely for me. I love Peak Triangle - and the fact that it is the name of a give way sign is pure poetry. I must get round to updating my sign - it looks a bit wintry.

I was going to put up another post tonight, but I've been out and the hour is late (extremely late, in Finland, by the looks of it).

Anna MR said...

You won't be surprised, then, if you get called Ms Peak every now and then, eh.

happeningfish said...

Aw, thanks for that... I'm not allowed to tag you back, am I??

Anna MR said...

Dear Fish, darling Tapahtumakala, you are more than deserving so no thank-yous are necessary.

And no, you cannot. However, you can tell me how to put podcasts (that one, need to listen now I have a bit of time) onto an iPod. But don't tell anyone I asked.