Monday, April 30, 2007

What is remembered: a "guess he didn't actually fancy me" moment

So you're a single mum, this guy said to me once, I didn't know that. No wonder (name deleted) became so interested in you all of a sudden.

What do you mean, I asked, naively.

Because you're a single mum. Single mums put out, every time, he replied.


The Periodic Englishman said...

Bloody hell, Anna MR, I hope you punched his lights out. What a hatefully skewed take on things - and such a needlessly cruel remark to make, as well.

Did you ask him how he might know this to be true of every single single-mum in the world? In fact, I don't care, because I know that his answer would depress me. But how did you respond? Please say you did something radical.

Anna MR said...

I fear I did something quite rare and unique, dearest Periodic Poni Person - I recall I was left speechless. I had quite liked imagining that the guy he was referring to actually fancied me. So, sadly, I think I was not only left speechless but I also believed him (in the way of what was behind the interest, not the bit about single mums, you understand me). Although, it must be said, believing him was probably the right thing to do. The other guy (the one referred to) was also a wanker.

Old history, by now, though. Thank you for the support all the same, it wasn't a nice moment in time, for me. Can I ask a favour? If you chance to encounter either one of these two, could you let rip on them with the full-frontal assault of your linguistic talents? Thanks. Much appreciated.


The Periodic Englishman said...

I think maybe a kick between the legs would be more satisfyingly appropriate in the circumstances, Ice Maiden, and I feel pretty sure you could manage this pleasing task all on your own.

I'm not surprised, incidentally, that you were left speechless. Kind of hard to know how to respond, really. Still, a reasonably happy ending: you are two wankers lighter, Anna MR, so this should put a spring in your step.

Some people really aren't worth knowing, anyway. It actually feels pretty horrible to say that, because it seems like such a terrible judgment to make on a fellow human being - but it's true.

Hope your rehearsals are going well and that you're not too shivery-cold up there in the frozen wilderness.


Anna MR said...

I am actually warmly snuggled up in front of a hot keyboard, eagerly awaiting company. Nice timing, Mr Periodic.


bindi said...

what a spiteful monster!

PS. I hope the wanker put out for as long as he was useful to you.

It's a shame when you realize a new love interest is actually a wanker tho.

I don't think it matters that men realize women will put out for sex. We all know that its not just single dads that put out! What's wrong with that in a man or women?

Just secretly, I think nature is a bit cruel to force renewed interest in sex on women in their forties. What's that all about? Just a cruel joke by mother nature, or something?

Anna MR said...

Bindi, you'll be pleased to know he got his come-uppance quite shortly afterwards, in a way far too gruesome to be recounted here (or indeed anywhere).

You know, we can kick and scream and argue against it all we like, but the way of the world is that men are considered heroes and women something quite different, very easily. Even here in Scandinavia.

Regarding nature's forced renewed interest during the female forties - I wouldn't know about that dear, I'll begin with a three for another almost-four months...

bindi said...

Well, baby-cakes, enjoy your four months!

Can't you just give us a hint about his fate? sounds like delicious revenge!

The Periodic Englishman said...

Bindi, hello (again?) - there is nothing wrong with anyone "putting out" for sex, ever, as far as I am concerned. It's just one of those stupid things, really, that men are admired for the habit and women despised and traduced. Entirely unjust and hateful - and an application of double-standards that simply takes the breath away at times. Sex is a good thing, and no-one should be made to feel badly about wanting to experience it.

Anna MR - what did you do to this curiously malign little wanker? I'm starting to fear for the guy. Not much, though. x

Anna MR said...

Bindi, TPE - to put it in its short and tidy form, I went back to hanging out with the guy whom I actually fancied, but quite bluntly and in his (wanker's) face.

Of course, nothing ever came of that either, but that's another story.


The Periodic Englishman said...

You are disgraceful, Anna MR. I like your style. Hopefully El Wankoid was struck down wth a kind of clenching and fevered jealousy - the fool.

Pity about it not working out with the new guy, though, the one that you actually fancied in the first place. Still, better to hang out awhile with someone you like, surely, than to waste time with a pitiful little wanklet.

My wisdom knows no bounds.

(Bindi - I remember now, I think. You left a helpful comment for me at Mr Z's house one time? Thanks for that)

no more wanklets said...

TPE - "Better to hang out awhile with someone you like, than to waste time with a pitiful little wanklet."

Pure brilliance. This has just become my new motto.