Sunday, April 01, 2007

By the end of this post, you will owe me an Easter egg

It is Palm Sunday. (It is also April Fool's Day, but you only have seven minutes to fool me - it has to be done before midday, you know.)

An old tradition from Eastern Finland, revived in recent years, has children dressing up as Easter witches, ringing doorbells (I am badly prepared so shall have to hide if someone rings mine) or going to their relatives, and, bearing a decorated willow branch which the victim is lightly smacked with, chanting the following:

Virvon varvon
tuoreeks terveeks
tulevaks vuodeks
vitsa sulle
palkka mulle.

The decorated willow branch is then given to the victim, who gives the child an Easter egg. (Traditionally, the wee virpoja would have to wait for it and come back on Easter Sunday to claim his reward, but our era is not very big on pleasure delaying.)

So you see, dear reader, I have tricked you. I am big on keeping traditions intact, and ok with pleasure delaying. Therefore, I shall not expect my Easter egg from you until next Sunday.


The Moon Topples said...

I have posted big news over on my blog.

In America, we have no time restrictions on Fooling.

Anna MR said...

Yes very good Mahti Mies, but don't forget my Easter egg, will you now.

(Left you a comment at Wayne's site. First!)

The Moon Topples said...

Yes. People keep commenting on the real site, which kind of punctures the joke a bit for the others. Thanks for saying hi to Wayne. He's new to blogging, you know.

The Moon Topples said...

I don't owe you an Easter egg unless you successfully strike me with your switch.


Anna MR said...

Wrong, I should have explained better. It is quite good to get someone to virpoa you, it brings good luck and all sorts for the rest of the year. Not a trick-or-treat-thing...but now I'm just waffling.

The Moon Topples said...

Well, from the post, it sounded like you had to hit me with a willow branch or something. I do not consider myself contractually obligated to give you an egg.

At any rate, I have no eggs to give.

Anna MR said...

That sounds like a cheap effort at copping out. But what can I do, stuck as I am here on the North Pole.