Saturday, March 03, 2007


An item my daily paper (Helsingin Sanomat):

The mosque in Norway's Bergen is in such a bad state of repair the county officials have stated it can't be used for worship from the end of March onwards (i.e. it could collapse on people). The community has a new building, but renovating it for mosque use will take years due to lack of funds. One of the Moslem community leaders has "threatened" (direct translation from my paper) they will start to use the city square for their Friday prayers. Kenneth Rasmussen - a representative of the "Demokratene" (anti-foreigner party, I am told) in the city council, no less - has responded by announcing a counter-plan of tying pigs' trotters to lampposts and playing pigs' grunts and squeals on loudspeakers. Apparently this charming individual has served in the UN troops (!) in Somalia and Lebanon and has used making pig noises from his car windows to get through throngs of pedestrians.

I mean really. Since when was it ok to behave like a pig towards legal organisations and communities of people (no pun or offence to pigs intended) openly and in the public eye? Remind me? Is this somehow going to bring back the victims of 9/11, or decrease the threat of fundamentalism? Do explain?

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