Thursday, March 29, 2007

Balcony musings

I am privileged in having a view that covers 180 degrees, horizon to horizon. A moment ago, to the west, the sun, low down but not yet setting, not quite; to the east, the moon, about third of the way up the sky; and most amazingly, not a cloud in the sky, not a single wispy thread (although air-pollution-induced haze aplenty, unfortunately, but if you don't think of its origins, it does add a pretty unrealness to the view); the evening light all red-and-golden.

Seeing this, I was suddenly reminded of the fact we live on a planet. It's quite amazing, isn't it, don't you think?


kurt said...

Being from California, some of my fondest memories are of warm (smog) pink evenings. Others are of the sun and moon sitting up there like siblings, over the desert.

I don't remember seeing all at once though, so your balcony must be a special place.

Anna MR said...

A little later, the huge Venus made an appearance. Yes, it is rather a nice balcony.

I had you down as a New Yorker, Kurt.

The Moon Topples said...

I can only imagine. From here, I can sometimes make out the sun, or the moon, or a building or an airplane. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between these objects. There are almost never even stars.

Lucky Finland, lucky Anna.

Anna MR said...

Mr Maht Moon, hei. I know, I am privileged. I can't invite you all to my balcony (and it is rather small and very vertigo-inducing, at least for most people, according to my ongoing cruel human testing) and would need a fisheye lens to capture it all photographically. The only thing I can do to share the balcony wonder is tell you about it.

Little as it is, it must still be one of the "blogosphere's" (have decided I am decidedly undecided about liking that word) more written-about balconies, actually - how many times does it appear as one of my labels? Five? More? it often comes in conjunction with "weird thoughts", as well. It is my weird thoughts balcony. Mm. Lovely.

basest said...

I always wanted a balcony. Whenever I stay at a hotel or visit friends who live in apartments, I immediately head for the balcony and spend as much time there as I can. Perhaps when I am very old I will move somewhere where I can have a balcony with a view as amazing as yours. Or a house with a turret....yeah...I'd like a turret, too!

Anna MR said...

Hello basest, and welcome. Nice to see you here in Finland, on this balcony. One thing puzzles me though, young man - if a balcony would make your soul happy, why not have one now, for goodness' sake, why wait until you're very old? Never leave a balcony unturned, is what I always say.

(Hope you don't mind, basest, but we are all a bit mad around here. If you think you can live with that, you're welcome back anytime.)