Monday, February 19, 2007


My tracker has stopped working since I upgraded to layout. (Not that I have been receiving/deserving that much attention as of late, but still.) Bugger. And I did work so hard to cut-and-paste the html onto the new site. Rats.


Denny_the_Wench said...

Hi... hope you dont mind the slightly off topic post.... but did you realise your BLOG is a GOOGLEWHACK? (not just this topic but the blog in general)

I cant post the two words here... just in case it messes up the whack... (but one of them is usherette and if you look for that word and my name at then you'll see it...)

Cheers & thanks - Denny

Anna MR said...

Hey, no, you're perfectly welcome to post off topic, Denny. Am, um, almost proud to be a googlewhack, and no, I wasn't aware of being one. Can't for the life of me remember what context those two words came up in, though...