Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Still too exhausted to talk

but a picture tells a thousand words, so for a tale of our Winter's Tale, look no further than Arabella's flickr set of the whole shebang - backstage, onstage, all over the place. You might also want to check Charnel Doze's shots, which mainly focus on her fabulous costuming. Faaaab piccies, ladies.

All I have on my flickr is a handful of sillies, mainly from the final post-production pub sess. I realised I wanted to focus on *being* at the fantastic venue that Aleksanterin teatteri is, rather than even attempt to capture it on my camera which really doesn't even have the functions necessary for the said attempt...


nmj said...

I've looked at Arabella's and some of Charnel's photos now, a lovely insight into your production, it looked wonderful, so much colour - I think my favourite photo is you (I think it's you!) laying flowers on the stage.

Anna MR said...

Argh - yes, it is a floral rope used to decorate the columns, which thmeselves went up about two minutes before dress rehearsal, argh -