Friday, November 24, 2006

On my second hemisphere

Grab a look at "my other hemisphere", the lower one of the globes pictured on this blog, the one featuring Finland, at about this time of day (elevenish am). You can clearly see that darkness has only just lifted, but is looming large again, only just round the corner.

It'll still get worse for a month. If only we had snow.

I am so thoroughly boring, harping on about the weather and the darkness. But it is such a central aspect of my life this time of year. And I wouldn't mind so much, if I could cuddle up in bed and only get up if and when the mood should grab me. We are clearly meant to hibernate, like Moomins. I am, anyway.


Kanikoski said...

Ugh! It looks lighter on the map than it does outside my window. And it's nearly midday.

nmj said...

Ach, I wish I could send you some light, anna mr, not that we have a great deal here - I keep meaning to go into the garden, but by the time I am ready - my energy peaks late afternoon - it is already dark, so the untidiness of leaves will stay another day . . . yup, winter is for hibernating, no doubt!