Saturday, October 21, 2006

Unfair horrible shit that makes me really angry

I was reading Zappy's blog this morning. He's an Iraqi father, bit younger than me, likes Nirvana, favourite book 1984. His daughter had just escaped unharmed from a bombing on her way to school. I left him a message. I just wanted to express something - that I thought of them, something. In his reply, Zappy pointed me towards one of Raed Jarrar's blog entries. There I learned that some guy has made a song about killing Iraqi girl children, and was airing it on YouTube. It has been taken down - I checked - but apparently some other ignoramus with a radio station or something intends to record the song.

It makes me furious to know I am sitting here in my cosy life, while around the world people are committing and being subjected to unspeakable horrors. Why isn't there anything I can do?

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