Thursday, October 19, 2006

No change

Not sure whether this is disappointing or reassuring.


kurt said...

...except that the blogs disappeared from your blogger profile, the way I usually get here.

nmj said...

god, i am jealous!!! well, done for risking it for a biscuit, as we say here (though the usage is usually sexual, but i like it anyway). . . i really should make the beta leap, but since my drafts/profile changes/ and, as of today, comments are not working, i really don't dare, i'd be afraid of being deleted, and i'd be desolate without my blog.

Anna MR said...

Hello kurt, glad you found your way back - I knew there'd be a hidden catch. And nmj, dear heart, be warned - the sodding thing won't allow & signs in the title - how stupid! I thrive on the damn things.