Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My strange hobby

I collect spam. I have been collecting spam for some time. Initially, I collected the recipe adverts Gmail lists at the top of the "Spam" folder ("Ginger Spam Salad: serves 1, refrigerate overnight"). Recently, I have developed an interest in the poetry found in the subject field of spam messages. Here's a few samples from my (growing) collection:

on refrain go refrain
with gold and promises,
and nothing Alternate:
The last...

(from Boyd Burgos)

Are restaurateur so restaurateur:
Life's a bitch and then you die.
I love thee to...

(from Rosemarie Locke)

And finally, if not exactly poetry, certainly a profound piece of thinking from my unknown friend, Vernon Friend, entitled "On officer by root":

The creative process is centered in the mind of the artist.

Methinks I shall collect them in a book. Don't get angry, get even.


Amanda said...

I do this! Glad I'm not the only one.

Some of the subject lines are great too - Gloom Guinea Pig is a particular favourite.

kurt said...

I get so much spam I've stopped collecting it, but just note the changing trends: someone decided to go with a sports theme a month ago, and I'm getting stuff titled "horse poker hockey" & etc.

There is a constant backlog of 500-1100 "known spam" items in my main email account -- the person who owned it before me must have left it all over the web, and the zombie machines that crank out spam were on it like... zombies.