Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's also a piece of music!

Don't ask me how, but I have just discovered there is some random piece of music called futureofmypast. Isn't that the weirdest? I *swear* I invented the name myself - even when my blog was called "My Hawai'ian Diary" the site address was futureofmypast, which became the blog name when I didn't return to the Pacific. How strange. If anyone has ever heard (of) this piece of music, please do tell.

(Yes, I was following a link from my tracker.)


nmj said...

I still have you bookmarked under 'My Hawai'ian Diary', I kind of like it, but guess I should update you! . . . Honest opinion re. dog vomit wool: yes, the sweater is maybe not the loveliest I've seen, but it'll probably not be quite so alarming when it's finished, you'll be used to it by then. I too have been seduced by beautiful multi-coloured balls of wool that just aren't as lovely when they are actually knitted.

Anna MR said...

Thank you nmj - it really is not going to be at all lovely, but it'll no doubt be warm, which is (should be) more important in a mum made me laugh when I moaned at how awful it was, she said she'd made her brother a shirt from some expensive Marimekko material once, and realised half-way through the pattern on the cloth looked like minced meat!