Saturday, October 14, 2006

I don't get ill, dammit

I have been feeling like shit today, gentle reader. It offends me deeply, as I never get ill, particularly as part-time substitute teachers like myself cannot afford to turn down work, and I have been booked for three days of work next week. Also, I don't feel like missing rehearsals, as we are coming into production with The Winter's Tale in three weeks only. (On the other hand, better we go through the flu round now than any later, I suppose.) And, last but not least, I was invited to my cousin's birthday party today - she is young and hip and artsy and so are her friends, it would've been fun to go. I bought her a pink flamingo soft toy as a pressie.

So there you have it, oh bug that bugs me. Three good reasons for you to bug off.

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