Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I cut my baby's hair

Harshly, I must add, and lots of it. It is, after all, only a Steiner doll, acting the part of baby Perdita in our production. It makes me feel only a little better. I also bashed her hard against the floor, because I felt people weren't serious enough about what was being talked about onstage - and now I feel dreadfully guilty, not only for my Steiner doll but also as I don't want my fellow actors to think I am/was criticising their performances. I wasn't. I am not. I just talk too much, is all.


nmj said...

Ah, now we have 'A Doll's Hair' as well as 'A Doll's House'! You made me laugh, Anna Mr, which is good, as I need to laugh, though I do not mean to diminish the thespian 'tensions' you must all face during your rehearsals!

Anna MR said...

Ah yes, though it isn't really tensions as such, it's when you spend hours and hours over weeks and weeks watching each other, you start having opinions. Well, I do anyway. And I find it hard to keep my trap shut when I think I have an idea. I was born that way, I'm afraid.