Sunday, October 08, 2006

Candle vigil

Anna Politkovskaja candle vigil 5
Over a thousand people gathered outside the Russian Embassy in Helsinki in a candle vigil today, to express their horror, shock and outrage at the killing of a woman armed with nothing but her courage and her quest for truth and justice - Anna Politkovskaja. I have posted a few more pictures on my flickr site.


greenwords said...

I keep hearing about this on the radio. Sometimes when you hear about something repeatedly on the news you start to not feel anything about it any more...but this story is too awful, and she was so brave, for me to stop caring. I just shake my head.

nmj said...

hey anna, is truly shocking, i just read that at last year's edinburgh book festival she expressed fears for her life.

Anna MR said...

Yes, she was on her way to mediate in the Beslan siege in 2004 when she was taken ill on the aeroplane - it was thought it was possible she'd been poisoned, she nearly died then. Several threats on her life had been made over the past few years, including one by an army general, who also said he'd rape her. This world we live in, I just cannot get over it.