Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trousers and pants

I bought a pair of trousers the other day from H&M. Joy! They came all the way up my waist, past my bellybutton. Imagine my delight. I can't remember the last time I managed to find a pair like that. (Fact: I am no longer of an age where my bare belly would be something anyone would like to see.) Maybe they're coming back into fashion - hurrah!

In Hawai'i, my friends would hold both hands over their mouths to suppress delighted giggles every time I said the word "trousers". I believe to them it sounded about as old-fangled as, say, talking about wearing pantaloons (and with a straight face, too). I practised saying "pants" instead, but of course to me, it felt like I was discussing my underwear with all and sundry.

This was a silly post. But it is my blog.

3 comments: said...

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nmj said...

So glad you got trousers you like! I agree: trousers are trousers and pants are pants, trousers can *never* be pants! The word I had most problem with in US was 'clothes horse', no one knew what the hell I was talking about, and, of course, most people over there use tumble driers . . . wasn't that I was being an ultra-eco European, I just wanted somewhere to dry my pants!

Anna MR said...

...or indeed, trousers...?

Think I'll have to turn on word verification, I have a feeling is *not* in fact a fan of mine. You are spam, sir/madam? (If I am wrong, apologies.)