Friday, September 29, 2006

Dreams of dead people

I dreamt of my paternal gran and grandad last night. They have been dead for seventeen and twenty-one years respectively, but I saw them just as they used to be, proving, I suppose, that we do not forget people over time. I woke up convinced, for some reason, that my dream meant I was going to die soon too.


nmj said...

Comforting for you to see your grandparents in your dream, but I am a little alarmed that you think it means that you are going to die soon, I feel scared even typing that! Don't you dare die!

fjl said...

I don't think you should worry about dying. Deams aren't messages of death too often! But I do think maybe there's a reason for the dream. What was important to both of you, that you shouldn't lose? Is there anything happening in your life that you might want to hear their advice on.

Anna MR said...

Hey ladies, thank you. No, I don't seriously intend to or believe I shall die just yet, it was just the feeling I woke up with. These weren't the grandparents who had second sight either - that's my mum's mum. If she starts giving me feelings like that in my dreams, I shall be concerned!