Monday, September 25, 2006

Differences between the US and Europe, part n

In the US, public toilets generally provide a paper seat coverlet. In Europe, you often get a dispenser of disinfectant, with which you can clean the seat yourself. Perhaps this speaks of a cultural attitude of "want a job done, do it yourself"?

Gentle reader! I felt I had to draw your attention to this...yes, you might have guessed it, I am not working this week.


nmj said...

. . . and in UK you mostly get nothing - no paper cover, no disinfectant - though our airports do have self-flushing toilets, but they scare the life out of me, I have been caught out on more than one occasion, the damn thing starts flushing while you are still sitting!

Anna MR said...

Yes, a friend of mine's daughter was so scared of the (American) self-flushing public toilets he had to go in with her. Someone called the police as they overheard him losing his temper with his daughter whimpering in fear of the toilet. People thought he was a weirdo. It makes for a great anecdotal story, but I'm glad that never happened to me.