Saturday, September 30, 2006

Boiled alive

I call myself vegetarian, but it is in the broadest of terms: I don't eat things that run or fly. Tonight, I am invited to a "crayfish extravaganza". Before inviting me, my friend checked I do eat the things, as in her books, they "sort of run around on the seabed." When I give my criteria for edibility, surprisingly many people will try to come up with obviously disgusting things that would fall within my self-set limits. The person who suggested aborted foetuses I never spoke to again.

I'm looking forward to the party. It'll be good company, good food, shots of vodka & glasses of wine, and an air of being more sophisticated than we are (well, me anyway). Someone needs to remind me how to deal with the beasts to get the edible bits out, and not to remind me about the way they are prepared.

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nmj said...

. . . reminds me of my friend who used to be what i call a 'demi-veg', he ate fish, but no poultry or meat, that is, until he met his norwegian girlfriend, now he eats anything with hooves . . . myself, i'm a 'mild' carnivore, and love seafood, best not to think about the boiling . . .