Friday, August 25, 2006

Night of the Arts

night of the arts 003

Yesterday saw Helsinki's 18th Night of the Arts. I usually haven't bothered much with it, but this year I checked out a few events in my neighbourhood, kicking off the night round 5 pm by queuing up for some costumes at the Opera flea market. These had been used for Cosi Fan Tutte - we shall use them in the 25th anniversary production of (the one-and-only, the inimitable) Finn-Brit Players, which, incidentally, will be The Winter's Tale.

Events I missed included poetry karaoke, canoe ballet, and a UV-light circus act. I did see various other things though: shamanic drumming, an antiques dealer who made pancakes for free and stripped off for my camera - without being asked to, I hasten to add - and fire-juggling. We closed the night by dancing to the tunes of La Traviata, again at the Opera. A full circle, in other words, of "high", "low", and, um, surprising culture. A good time was had by all. More photos on my photoblog.


nmj said...

My dear Anna MR, I am delighted that blogger has *finally* let me on today and that I can leave a comment . . . those costumes certainly lend an air of gravitas, and I too am happy that the naked man didn't make the pancakes!

kurt said...

Shamanic drummers stirring up spirits and pancake makers dropping their drawers before the long night descends. I might have thought this "Finland" a heathenish land -- until I saw your red & white costumes, making you like angelic flight attendants.

Anna MR said...

*Anna MR is stunned into silence by your kind comments*