Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My orchid tried to commit suicide

I love the way they grow orchids here. They just tuck them in the crook of a branch on a tree and hey presto. Orchids don't need soil on their roots or anything, they just take the moisture out of the air (well let's face it, Hilo air is usually over 80 % water) and nutrients directly from the host plant. Which, I suppose, makes orchids actually parasitic...?

I don't have proper big trees in my garden, but I do have plenty of ti plants. I tucked one of my two orchids into a fork in a ti plant and it was *just* going to blossom - I have been watching the three buds for weeks now, and yesterday they were going mauve, I knew they were going to open soon. However, the poor thing must have been unhappy, as I found it sprawled on the ground today. The buds seem intact, though, so you never know. Maybe it will bloom for me after all.

My other orchid is tied to a sago palm in the rockery of the rats. As far as I can see, absolutely nothing whatsoever has happened to it since I acquired it a month or two ago. Everybody says how easy it is to grow things in this climate. My thumbs are just not as green as I'd like them to be, I suppose.

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nmj said...

i am sad about your orchids, but i did laugh out loud at your post title, glad all i have to worry about is a hebe heartbreaker!

BionicBuddha said...

Very interesting blog...I had no idea orchids could be so mischevious! I also liked the post about the archeologist. Perhaps one day will ponder the ipods and computer screens which we have become so dependent upon.


naive-no-more said...


Anna MR said...

nmj - thank you for your sympathy.

buddha - welcome to my blog, glad you've enjoyed it. I will come and explore yours soon too, looks mighty interesting.

naive - your wish is my command. They aren't all that grand, though, what with the rain, no blossoms, etc...