Thursday, April 13, 2006

Those trousers. Or should I say pants, being in the US?

Whichever. There was this fabulously odd pair at Ross (a local slightly-seconds-factory-clearance-type shop specialising in clothes but also available are chocolates, jewellery, sports equipment, etc., at a fraction of shop prices). They were a velvety stretch material with sequin designs embroidered on the leg. Black, or, as I later discovered, also olive green. Down to $16.99 from an original price of $145! A designer item, although can't remember the name for the life of me. Only problem was – sigh – the size. Although I could squeeze into the medium, they were clearly too small. XL, I am happy to say, were way too large. So my question is, should I buy the M, with a view to losing weight? Or shall I be really novel and simultaneously realistic, and get the XL, thus openly and fully facing the fact that if current trends continue, I will fit them nicely by Christmas?

One of my two orchids is coming to bloom!

© 2006 Anna MR

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