Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Flights, flights, flights...

...between Hilo and Helsinki are almost impossible to arrange without running into problems of eleven-hour stopovers somewhere (LA, Chicago, or the like). Alternatively, and even more annoyingly, when you've combed through all of the internet with a fine-toothed search engine, and something finally crops up that just could be doable - ok, an hour and three quarters' changeover before 7am at LAX is probably not ideal, but could be done, maybe, perhaps - the whole issue is rendered academic by American companies only accepting American credit cards. Guess if I have one.

I read the Wandering Scribe's blog - not all of it, but some. I am sure my (current) problems are puny by comparison. Unless she's actually a media plant, which I don't think is the case. And even if she is, there'll be plenty people living rough who aren't faking it, so that's hardly the issue. However, I really must get the children home for the summer holidays, and now that we've negotiated borrowing from my dad, why do the practicalities have to be so godawfully difficult, too?

I have a headache from too much screen exposure, and I haven't done anything creative or been in touch with anyone. I was writing a play, and thought I'd write up the last scene today, but this flight thing takes precedence over anything now. Incidentally, the play is terrible, very poor indeed, it flies in the face of all theatrical dramatic conventions by having a narrator right the way through, like a film fully voice-overed. See if I care. I'll finish it and send it to Rebecca. She'll tell me it sucks, but she'll do it in the nicest possible way, because that's who she is.

I also note that I was always intending to publish things that actually said something. To the wind with that and any other principle.

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