Sunday, November 22, 2009

One tries


Reading the Signs said...

I would say nonononono and go and look at Youtube instead.

But you're the Boff. Tell us all what the hell it means.

WVLs say astural - and they always know something.

Actually, they are also saying sconwo, (something related to wodwo, perhaps?)

Montag said...

I remember A.J.
I believe we read his stuff.
It was actually pretty heady liquor back in those days. I seem to recall he passed away within this last 12 month.

By all accounts, he was not a bad egg.

Anna MR said...

Dear Signs, sweet Montag, hello. I am afeared I am not the Boff, nice as it would be. For to be truthful, I don't know jack shit about A.J. I recently came across a mention of his work through someone whom I really admire and love, and this post is just an allusion to them, really.

I am not, however, somehow at all surprised that you remember him, Montag. And Signs, stop talking to me like I was someone clever, please. It is undeserved. I'm just me, you know, a penguin ferret person.

I hope you both know how highly appreciated you are, and what fondest friendship you are regarded with, around these parts.


(I've a feeling that that last sentence is a bit messy - but please just glean the meaning from it. x )